Fair Use of Copyrighted Material and Book Reviews

  Anyone who has been hanging around the indie world for even the shortest time knows that there has been an uptick in authors threatening book reviewers with lawsuits claiming copyright violation. I shake my head every time I see it. Attorney/Author Sean Keefer has returned with his pithy advice on the subject of copyright […]

Reviewer Databases: An Author’s Best Friend


A couple of weeks ago I discussed WiseInk’s post about indie authors having difficulty finding book reviewers. In earlier posts I explained why I disagreed with their premise that book reviewers needed to be open to reviewing indie works—my disagreement was primarily prompted by abusive treatment of reviewers by some indie authors. I wrote those […]

Copyright – A Basic Introduction


  In 2011, in the early days of Sisterhood of the Traveling Book, I came across the award winning book, The Trust, written by attorney, Sean Keefer. Because the book looked fantastic and I felt it would fit in with our reviewers,  I immediately contacted Sean to become an author member and have not been […]

Please Don’t Feed The Trolls: Grasping the Psyche of a Troll


  Often when you are standing too close, it’s tough to see things as they really are. This is especially true of authors who unfortunately open the door to both praise and harsh criticism with every new release. Today I’m going to address the issue of review trolls, those nasty little buggers who derive joy […]

Tit For Tat Behaviors: Are You Guilty, Author?


  As a follow up to last week’s post on targeting book reviewers, a fellow reviewer friend of mine sent me a link to an argument that she had been following in which an author viciously attacked another well-known and well respected book reviewer/author, who had given this person’s book a one-star rating. While she […]

Ever Considered Crowdfunding For Your Book Project? Know What It Is?


    As a free market girl who loves the indie world, I have always been fascinated by new ways to make life a bit easier for indie authors. And let’s face it, cash (or lack of it)  is always a big elephant in the room! When I first heard about CROWDFUNDING, I was absolutely […]

To Review or Not Review: It shouldn’t be a question

  WiseInk wrote a fascinating blog post the other day asking why book blog reviewers are having difficulty accepting indie books for review. The post intrigued me as I am someone who has dipped her toes into both sides of the book world. As a Goodread’s top reviewer, I have found that I have enjoyed […]

You Will Be Missed….


  Normally, I post tidbits of information here on “The Author CEO” to help authors get their books to market, but I need to do something different today. My heart is breaking. This morning, it came to my attention that both a wonderful man and a wonderful author passed away this weekend. James Thompson, author […]