The Kirkus Tool: How Are You Using It?


    Imagine This… You go to the store and see a nifty new tool or kitchen gadget. It’s the hot new thing. It’s on everyone’s ‘must have’ list so you grab one. Now it’s all yours. You can already imagine how much easier it will make your life. So far so good, right? Then […]

Interviewing Authors by Tim Knox


  I have been away awhile. I hadn’t even realized it had been 3 months. Life gets busy and often in the way! A couple of months ago, I received an email from a gentleman by the name of Tim Knox. Tim, like me is an entrepreneur, but, unlike me, happens to also be an […]

An Open Letter to My Amazon Author Troll


 THIS IS THE STORY… I recently had a somewhat disturbing experience with an author troll; it started with a review I posted on Amazon.  The review had to do with the length of the book in relationship to price and made the point that the book was not a good value. After stating my opinion […]

Navigating the Shark Infested Waters of Indie Publishing by Alexandrea Weis


I could think of no better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than to invite Indie author Alexandrea Weis, author of paranormal romance and romance novels set in the Big Easy. Her newest release, Cover to Covers, was released last month. Alex has mastered the art of navigating social media, particularly I refer clients to her […]

Beta Readers: Meeting the Needs of Your Author?

Reading Owl

  Piggybacking off last week’s post on the need for authors to vet reviewers, I have chosen to do a 3 part series on beta readers vs. book reviewers for Critique Clinic. The first part will focus on the tasks of beta readers and what authors expect. The second part will focus on quality book […]

Finding and Vetting Your Assistant

Clients from Hell

Donna Brown shares her advice in finding assistants and freelancers without breaking the time bank.

Vetting Reviewers: “Bait and switch” or legit?

Business handshake

    Recently, I received an email from an author asking my opinion on how to “handle” a reviewer. What started out as an innocent offer for a book review turned into a progressive “low key” rant against the author’s work culminating in the insinuation that this author was trying to copy a well-known author. […]

Hiring Technical Assistants


 Barb Drozdowich returns to The Author CEO to share her “guruness”. This time in the area of vetting technical assistants. Social media is the mother’s milk to the success of the Indie author. Those unable to master social media or hire the wrong social media consultant remain practically invisible. With so many offering their services […]